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John Louis Styron

John was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


His inspiration came from his father and throughout his school years he took art courses learning the use of a variety of medium.


Upon graduating high school, John entered military service and served for 24 years which caused John to part from doing anything artistically and not until eleven years after retirement he then reignited his interests in fine art with attending the arts program at Columbus State University(CSU), completing a BFA.

While at CSU, his focus was oil painting.  His father was primarily an oil painter and so naturally this became John's medium of preference.  John's work varies and most of his work is a study of light and how it falls or reflects off of the subject.


Landscape and portraiture are John's primary interests.

John sells his originals, prints of and he also does commissions.

Note: John provides professional printing services for the artist wanting to sell copies of their work. Please contact John (762.822.4744) or send an e-mail (

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Grunt Hole

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Jordan Sokol workshop

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Vladimer Volegov workshop

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